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getting to and from Grímur

Grímur’s location is excellent whether you are traveling by bus or car.

There’s a bus line which picks you up right in front of the hotel, you will be downtown (and back) in 10 minutes.

Those that are traveling in a car have easy access to Bústaðavegur which lies through Reykjavik. One way takes you to the Reykjavik sights and the other right out of Reykjavik so you can be on the Golden circle within few minutes.

Plenty of free parking, we suggest you use the sides in the front of the hotel.

From Reykjavik KEF International airport

From downtown Reykjavík

From the Golden circle

grímsbær shopping center

Grímur is conveniently located above the Grímsbær shopping center. There, you can find an excellent bakery and health food store, offering freshly-baked gluten-free breads and good-for-you treats to take on your journey through Iceland.

The pizza restaurant Eldofninn is considered one of the best pizza places in Reykjavík. There’s also a 10-11 convenience store to stock up on all those Icelandic goodies you’ve heard about. Skyr, salmon, and all the licorice you can carry, all mixed in with some of your favorite treats from home.

Grímsbær shopping center Grimur hotel

surrounding area

There’s a bus line which picks you up right in front of the hotel. Make your way into town, but don’t forget to make some stops on the way. We’re very close to Perlan, the water-tower which offers unparalleled 360-degree views of the city. Close to Perlan is the park Klambratún which offers basketball courts, Frisbee nets, and a beautiful art museum. Stop at the ice cream store Yoyo on your way out of the park, and continue up the street to the famous Hallgrímskirkja.

Also close is Skeifan, the rather badly organized cluster of stores and restaurants where Icelanders shop. Some say this is where you will find the real Reykjavik, with busy Icelanders going about their day. Here you will find all types of food from healthy vegetarian to Dominos pizza.

You don’t have to travel outside of the city to realize the beauty of Iceland.
Our favorite part of Grímur is how close it is to nature. Behind the hotel is a sprawling neighborhood, Fossvogur, filled with trails to walk, jog, or bike through. The locals use this area so you will mix right in with the locals.

Continue down the street and you’ll reach Elliðaárdalur valley. The valley boasts a long river, small, rambling waterfalls, and stunning vegetation. Pack a lunch and go for a picnic, play volleyball, hike—make a day of it.